Standing Committee on Psychology and Health

Country: Austria
Name: Stefan Höfer, MSc, PhD (convenor)
Position: Associate Professor
Affiliation: Innsbruck Medical University, Department of Medical Psychology
Area of work: Patient reported outcome assessment
Health behavior change
Key publications

The MacNew Heart Disease Health-Related Quality of Life Questionnaire in patients with angina and patients with ischemic heart failure.
Höfer S, Saleem A, Stone J, Thomas R, Tulloch H, Oldridge N.
Value Health. 2012 Jan;15(1):143-50. doi: 10.1016/j.jval.2011.07.003. Epub 2011 Sep 15.

Cardiac rehabilitation in Austria: long term health-related quality of life outcomes.
Höfer S, Kullich W, Graninger U, Wonisch M, Gassner A, Klicpera M, Laimer H, Marko C, Schwann H, Müller R.
Health Qual Life Outcomes. 2009 Dec 8;7:99. doi: 10.1186/1477-7525-7-99.

Renn D, Pfaffenberger N, Platter M, Mitmansgruber H, Cummins B, Höfer S (2008): International Well-being Index: the Austrian Version, Social Indicators Research. doi:10.1007/s11205-008-9255-2.



Country: Belgium
Name: Koen Lowet, MSc
Position: Clinical Child Psychologist/Behavioural Therapist
Affiliation: Belgian Federation of Psychologists, Observation and Treatment Centre Bethanië, MultiDisciplinary Centre for Development (MUDICO)
Area of work: Health policy
Behavioural Disorders
Residential Care
Key publications
Founding of MUDICO
Reforming Bethanië into Multifunctional Centre
Implementing the ethics code by the Belgian government. 



Alessandra Pokrajac-Bulian 


Country: Cyprus
Name: Maria Karekla, PhD
Position: Clinical Psychologist, Assistant Professor
Affiliation: University of Cyprus and Center for Cognitive Behavioral Psychology
Area of work:

behavioral medicine
health psychology
clinical psychology
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
new technologies

Key publications

Karekla, M., & Panayiotou, G. (2011). Coping and experiential avoidance: Unique or overlapping constructs?  Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, 42, 163-170.

Karekla, M., & Constantinou, M. (2010). Religious Coping and Cancer: Proposing an Acceptance and
Commitment Therapy Approach. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 17 (4), 371-381.

Karekla, M., Forsyth, J. P., & Kelly, M. M. (2004). Emotional avoidance and panicogenic responding to a biological challenge procedure. Behavior Therapy, 35 (4), 725-746. 


Country: Czech Republic
Name: Vladimir Kebza, Ph.D.
Position: Professor of Clinical Psychology
Affiliation: Charles University in Prague, Department of Psychology
Area of work: mental health
psychosocial determinants of health, esp. (coping with stress, resilience, risk factors of cardiovascular disease, social support)
wellbeing its deficiencies and disorders
psychological aspects of health-related behaviour,
inequalities in health
Key publications

Kebza, V.: Psychosocial determinants of health. Prague, Academia 2005, 263 pp. ISBN 80-200-1307-5.

Kebza, V., Šolcová, I.: Trends in resilience theory and research. In: M. J. Celinski, K. M. Gow (Eds.): Wayfinding Through Life’s Challenges: Coping And Survival. New York: Nova Science Publishers 2011, pp. 13 – 30. ISBN 978-1-61122-866-3.

Kebza, V., Šolcová, I.: Main trends in resilience and trauma recovery with children, adolescents and families. In: Gow, K., Celinski, M. (Eds.): Mass Trauma. Impact and Recovery Issues. New York, Nova Science Publishers 2013, pp. 223 – 235. ISBN 978-1-62081-557-1.


Country: Finland
Name: Tuula Hynninen
Position: Lecturer of Health Psychology
Affiliation: School of Educational Sciences and Psychology, Philosophical Faculty, University of Eastern Finland
Area of work:

crisis and trauma psychology
suicide prevention
cognitive psychotherapy
professional ethics

Key publications

Hynninen, T. & Upanne, M. (2006). Akuutti kriisityö kunnissa. Nykytila ja kehittämishaasteet [Acute crisis work in the Finnish municipalities. Present state and development challenges]. Reports, Research and Development Center for Welfare and Health/Stakes 2006: 2.

Lankinen, S. & Hynninen, T. (2006). Psykososiaalinen tuki ja palvelut suuronnettomuudessa. Asiantuntijatyöryhmän raportti [Psychosocial support and services in situations of disaster. Memorandum of the Expert Working Group on psychosocial support and services in situations of disaster]. Reports of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 2006:81.

Hynninen, T. (2010). Millaista arviointitietoa suomalaisen kriisityön käytännön toimivuudesta, vaikutuksista ja vaikuttavuudesta on koottu [What kind of evaluation data has been gathered on the practical efficacy, effects and effectiveness of Finnish crisis work]? Psykologia/Psychology, 45 (01), 2010, 69 - 80.


Country: Germany
Name: Dipl.-Psych. Julia Scharnhorst, MPH
Position: Consultant for Health Psychology
Affiliation: Health Professional Plus
German Psychologists Association 
Area of work: occupational mental health
Stress management and resilience 
Key publications

Scharnhorst, J.. Burnout - Präventionsstrategien und Handlungsoptionen für Unternehmen. Haufe Verlag (2012)

Scharnhorst, J. (2013). Burnout - die neue Volkskrankheit?. Die großen Volkskrankheiten - Beiträge der Psychologie zu Prävention, Gesundheitsförderung und Behandlung. 31 - 40.


Country: France
Name: Frédéric Conti , PhD
Position: Psychologist

FFPP (Fédération Française des Psychologues et de psychologie)

Area of work: Job strain and associated mental and physical health
Key publications


Country: Iceland
Name: Helma Rut Einarsdóttir, PhD
Position: Psychologist

Icelandic Psychological Association

Area of work: health psychology
clinical psychology
rehabilitation cente
Key publications



Country: Ireland
Name: Mary Morrissey, PhD
Position: Head of Psychology, Health Intelligence
Affiliation: Health Service Executive and Diabetic Day Clinic Connolly Hospital and Royal College of Surgeons RCSI
Area of work: Implementation Science
Change Management
Visualisation /Visioning
Research Ethics and Practice based learning
Key publications

Jennings S, Bennett K, Cavanagh B, Morrissey M and Kearney P. (2011) Heartbeat – Improving heart attack care. Ir Med J; 104(1): 9-12.

Morrissey, M, Clarke, P. DeLacy, M., Kenny, A., McKeown, D (2011)
‘Enabling Change and Quality Improvement in a Mental Health Treatment Centre – Spreading Evidence-Based Practice’. NIHS National Institute for Health Sciences Research Bulletin. December 2011, Vol 6 Issue 2, p.71-72

Morrissey M. M., McKeown, D., Sayers, G., Weakliam, D. ( 2011 )’Teaching Quality in Public Health Medicine in Ireland NIHS National Institute for Health Sciences’ Research Bulletin Vol 6
Issue 1, p96-97



Country: Italy
Name: Dr. Vito Tummino
Position: Director of Clinical Psychology
Affiliation: Sant'Anna Hospital, Via Napoleona 60 Como
Area of work: Clinical psychology
Health psychology
and family psychotherapy
Key publications

Analysis of psychological issues in a Institute of Psycho- Medical -Educational - Notes and Review of Psychiatry, 1979

Northern Ireland: effects of violence terrorist "-" Italian Psychology ", 1998

Psycho-Oncology,  chapter XIV: ethical aspects Ed. Masson 2002

The development of scientific psychological publishing in Italy -- Psychology Science Vol. 51 suppl. I – Ed. Pabst Science Köln Germany 2009.


Country: Latvia
Name: Ludmila Derjabo Mg of Psych, Mg of Math. 
Position: Specialist in Psychological Counselling, lector, researcher  
Affiliation: International High School of Practical Psychology,  Latvian University  Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectrography, NGO “Vitality”, Private Practice 
Area of work: Health psychology
Coping in situation regarding with heavy illness
Individual and group therapy (with cancer patients)
Psychological Counseling
Key publications

L.Derjabo, D.Licovs “Support group for cancer patients”, III Oncopsychology meeting, Moscow,  2010

A.Derjabo, L.Derjabo Abstracts of the 10th Congress of the Baltic Association of Dermatovenerologists „Difficult case of melanoma integrative treatment”, 2011

L.Derjabo, D.Licovs  “Therapeutics support group for cancer patients”, Kazan, 2011 

Coauthor of the book “"Are we tolerant?" - Riga, 2008 



Country: Luxembourg
Name: Claus Vögele, PhD, Dipl.-Psych., CPsychol, CSci, AFBPsS
Position: Professor
Affiliation: Institute for Health and Behaviour, Research Unit INSIDE, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Area of work: Self-regulation and health
emotion regulation and chronic pain
emotion regulation in adolescents
cognitive bias in eating disorders
lifestyle change and health
early life adversity and its epigenetic effects on mind-body health
interoception, stress and decision making
Key publications

Vögele, C., Hilbert, A. & Tuschen-Caffier, B. (2009). Dietary restriction, cardiac autonomic regulation and stress reactivity in bulimic women. Physiology & Behavior, 98, 229-234.

Vögele, C., Ehlers, A., Meyer, A.H., Frank, M., Hahlweg, K. & Margraf, J. (2010). Cognitive mediation of clinical improvement after intensive exposure-based therapy of agoraphobia and social phobia. Depression and Anxiety, 27, 294-301.

Vögele, C., Sorg, S., Studtmann, M. & Weber, H. (2010). Cardiac autonomic regulation and anger coping in adolescents. Biological Psychology, 85, 465-471.

Spaderna, H., Vögele, C., Barten, M. J, Smits, J. M. A., Bunyamin, V., & Weidner, G., for the Waiting for a new heart study group (2014). Physical activity and depression predict event-free survival in heart transplant candidates. Health Psychology, Epub ahead of print Feb 10. Doi: 10.1037/hea0000033



Country: Norway
Name: Ingrid Hyldmo, PhD
Position: Specialist in clinical psychology
Affiliation: Diakonhjemmet Hospital, P.O. Box 23, Vinderen, NO-0319 Oslo
Area of work: Clinical Health psychology
Occupational psychology
Familiy psychology
Key publications

Hyldmo, I. & Lunde L.H (2001). Dementia and coping in caregivers, Journal of dementia (2001)

Hyldmo, I., Hafstad R. & Nordhus I.H., Communication with patients with dementia, Journal of the Norwegian Psychological association (2003)

Fjerstad, E. og Hyldmo, I. Coping with severe illness and death in cancer patients, Journal of the Norwegian Psychological association (2013) 



Milska Wrzosinska Zofia 


Country: Portugal
Name: Samuel Antunes, PhD

Vice-President - Order of Portuguese Psychologists; Professor; Psychotherapist; 


Order of Portuguese Psychologists
Faculty of Psychology, University of Lisbon

Area of work:

Occupational Health Psychology
Mental health
Health Coaching

Key publications

Marques-Teixeira, J., Antunes, S. (2000) Cliente Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy, Lisboa, Vale e Vale Editores,

Antunes, S., (2010) Identité professionnelle et Santé au travail: sentiment de réussite, estime de soi et coping chez les cadres portugais, Toulouse, Université Toulouse LeMirail

Tap, P., Roudes, R., Antunes, S., (2013). La dynamique personnelle et les identities professionnelles en situation de changement, Les Cahiers of Internationaux de Psychologie Sociale, Nº 99-100, pp. 385-407



Country: Spain
Name: Jesús Rodríguez-Marín, PhD
Position: Professor of Health Psychology and Clinical Psychologist
Affiliation: School of Medicine. University 'Miguel Hernández' of Elche (Spain) 
University General Hospital of Alicante (Spain).
Area of work: Stress and illness
Quality of life in chronic patients
Psychosocial adjustment to illness
Quality of health care services.
Key publications

Mira, J.J., Tomás, O., Pérez, M.V., Nebot, C., y Rodríguez-Marín, J. (2009). Predictors of patient satisfaction in surgery. Surgery, 145(5), 536-541.

Pérez Martínez, E., Tirado González, S., Mateu Vicente, M., Van-der Hofstadt Román, C. y Rodríguez-Marín. (2012). Psychopathology in a sample of candidate patients for bariatric surgery. International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice, junio 2012; Early Online: 1-9. ISSN 1365-1501, Online ISSN: 1473-4885.

J.J. Mira , I. Navarro , B. Huttner , L. Ortiz , V. Pérez-Jover , P. Ramón-Pardo & J. Rodríguez-Marín (2013): What do Spaniards read about the prudent use of anti-microbial agents and what do they really do?, Psychology, Health & Medicine, DOI:10.1080/13548506.2013.793370


Country: Switzerland
Name: Agnes von Wyl, Dr.
Position: Professor, Head of Research in Psychotherapy & Mental Health
Affiliation: Zurich University of Applied Sciences, School of Applied Psychology
Area of work: Psychotherapy research with adults and with children/ adolescents
infant mental health
mental health
Key publications

von Wyl, A., Crameri, A., Koemeda, M. Tschuschke, V. & Schulthess, P. (2015). Practice Study Outpatient Psychotherapy- Switzerland (PAP-S): Study Design and Feasibility (Rev. ed.). Zurich: Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

von Wyl, A., Heim, G., Rüsch, N., Rössler, W. & Andreae, A. (2013). Network coordination following discharge from psychiatric inpatient treatment: a study protocol. BMC Psychiatry, 13, 220. doi:10.1186/1471-244X-13-220

Hengartner, M. P., Klauser, M., Heim, G., Passalacqua, S., Andreae, A., Rössler, W., & von Wyl, A. (2015). Introduction of a psychosocial post-discharge intervention programme aimed at reducing psychiatric rehospitalisation rates and at improving mental health and functioning. Perspectives in Psychiatric Care, doi: 10.111Tppc.12131



Country: United Kingdom
Name: Dr. Pauline Adair
Position: Director of Behavioural Medicine
Affiliation: University of Strathclyde
Area of work: Health behaviour change
Chronic illness
Psychological Interventions
Illness Perceptions
Key publications

Robinson, L., Adair, P., Coffey, M., Harris, R & Burnside, G. Identifying the participant characteristics that predict recruitment and retention of participants to RCTs involving children: A systematic review. BMC Trials. 2016. May 2016 17:294

Pine C, Adair P, Robinson L, Burnside G, Moynihan P, Wade W, Kistler J, Curnow M, Henderson M. The BBaRTS Healthy Teeth Behaviour Change Programme for preventing dental caries in primary school children: study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial. Trials. 2016 Feb 20;17(1):1.

H Dale, L Watson, P Adair, G Humphris. Looked after young people in Scotland; reducing inequalities through an evidence-and theory-informed intervention based on motivational interviewing and behaviour change techniques. Health Education Journal. February 11, 2016 0017896916628577.



Kseniya Kuleshova


Country: EFPSA
Name: Hannes Jarke, PhD
Position: Student (MSc)
Affiliation: University of Vienna
Email: E-mail:
Area of work: Health Psychology; Psychology of Tax Behaviour
Key publications