The Standing Committee (SC) for Psychology and Health has 14 active members (and 3 corresponding members) from across Europe and held their inaugural meeting in Brussels on 11th February 2012.
The role of the SC is to “monitor and assess developments in research, education and professional practice pertaining to mental and physical health, and suggest standards for the education and professional practice of psychologists working in the field of health”

The SC Psychology and Health has been given a remit to focus on the integration of prevention and treatment practices related to physical and mental health; development of EFPA’s “Psychology for Health Agenda”; how EFPA can contribute to the realization of the EU’s 2nd Health Programme; and how to promote the status of psychology as health profession in Europe.

Our aim is to identify a clear health agenda for psychology including:

  • Promotion and maintenance of the behaviours that enhance health.
  • Reduction of the behaviours that damage health.
  • Psychological interventions that can be delivered at all levels of society irrespective of health status as well as to carers.

In other words we aim to improve health by identifying and promoting upstream interventions to prevent further deterioration of both physical and mental health conditions (e.g. self-management and psychological therapies programmes) and downstream interventions to change lifestyle habits and prevent the onset of ill-health (e.g. health behaviour change interventions).